5 reasons why it is wise to engage a debt collection agency

Delayed payers hinder the financial health of your company. Chances are that you have too little time and knowledge to adequately collect the unpaid invoices. And the older the debt gets, the harder it is to get paid. Here are five reasons why engaging a debt collection agency is wise.

1. Legal protection

There are numerous laws that apply to the debt collection industry. Knowledgeable customers will not hesitate to file a lawsuit if their rights are violated. Debt collection agencies know this, which is why they are well aware of these laws. Engaging a debt collection agency removes the legal risks associated with attempting to collect debts yourself. They can also advise you on what you can do to ensure that invoices are paid on time in the future.

2. Successful collection

Summoning someone to pay is more than sending a reminder. Debt collection agencies have experience in collecting unpaid debts. Hiring a bailiff therefore increases the chance of collecting unpaid invoices. After all, the primary focus of your business is running your business, but the primary focus of a debt collection agency is collecting unpaid invoices. A trained professional knows the best techniques to legally summon debtors to pay your invoices. Debt collection agencies are a much greater threat to debtors than you or your company can accomplish.

"Summoning someone to pay is more than sending a reminder."

3. Flexibility

Debt collection agencies know that every company has a unique set of needs. They therefore often offer the choice between a standardized approach towards your debtors or one that seamlessly matches the needs of your company. Also when it comes to the payment method towards you as a client. Different payment methods are used in the debt collection world. Some debt collection agencies pursue debtors for a fixed amount. Others work according to the No Win, No Fee principle. With this principle, the collection agency will only receive commission if the amount or part of it has been successfully collected. Despite the costs of a debt collection agency, engaging a bailiff can yield more value. After all, there is a greater chance that your outstanding invoices will be paid.

4. Documentation

Despite the costs of a debt collection agency, it is often a good investment, especially if a debtor does not respond to any reminder. Engaging a collection agency ensures proper documentation of the collection process. When debt collection agencies communicate with debtors, this is registered in their debt collection system. Should you decide to sue a debtor in the future, the debt collection agency will have a solid record of every attempt to collect the debt. This documentation shows the court that you have made extensive efforts to collect the debt extrajudicially. In the unlikely event that the debt is not paid, you can claim it as a tax deduction. In this case, the Tax and Customs Administration requires confirmation from a debt collection agency that it is no longer possible to recover the debt.

5. A stick behind the door

Engaging a debt collection agency ensures that companies pay you faster. The statistics confirm that if a company has previously dealt with a debt collection agency because of you, they will now pay you on time. Therefore, it pays to send unpaid invoices to your debt collection agency frequently, for example monthly, for immediate follow-up.

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