We save you costs

Being an accountant, you know like no other: outstanding money has a great impact on your organisation. Collecting outstanding debts is a profession, comparable to taking care of financial accounting. CMC is the specialist that helps you to get your outstanding invoices paid and to keep your financial liquidity optimalised. Mainly, our added value is in the personal contact with debtors. We have the expertise to do this faster and more effectively than you could do yourself. In addition, we charge commission based on our results. Taking everything into account, our efforts will therefore undoubtedly cut back your expenses.

We add value to your services

In addition to your own claims, we can also collect your customers’ claims. When a Debt Collection is necessary, we can help you achieve a satisfactory result for the aforementioned clients. By providing this service, we offer you the opportunity to add value to your service and thus increase the satisfaction of your customers. In addition to the Debt Collection service, we can assist you and your customers with products and services regarding debtor management as well. With this extensive package, we are the right partner for both local accountancy firms and larger organisations consisting of multiple branches.

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