Debt Collection

National & International

CMC has vast experience in both national and international debt collection. Thanks to our multilingual teams of specialists, we achieve impressive results: we collect 95% of the debts we chase out of court.

At CMC we collect debts on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis, meaning that you only pay when the debt has successfully been collected. Therefore, if the debt is not collected, we do not charge administration, case or handling costs.

Improve your cash flow in just three simple steps:

Benefits of handing over a debt to a collection agency

Companies are often not aware of the fact that if debtors are not chased in time, the chances that the debts are collected become smaller as time increases. In fact, the probability that a commercial debt will be paid decreases each semester by 15% (or 30% annually). For consumer debts, this probability decreases by 22.5% each semester (45% annually). This is why it is very important to keep track of the accounts receivable: to avoid past dues becoming uncollectable.

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Our approach

Our main objective is to fully understand your business in order to function as an extension of it. At CMC, we understand the importance of maintaining a good relationship with clients. Therefore, our general approach to debtors is soft if possible and hard if necessary. Of course, we can agree upon an approach with you before dealing with your debtors. We do everything in our hands and more to get collect your debts.

CMC is your determined navigator in credit control and debt collection.

We offer several distinguishing benefits, including:
  • An effective approach guaranteed by knowledge of industries, cultures and local markets
  • Perfectly attuned communications, courtesy of in-house native speakers
  • No win, no fee debt collection, which assures commitment and involvement (95% success score)
  • Customization: your own CMC specialist will help you to find a solution that fits your organization
  • Focus on quick results with a keen eye for long-term relationships
  • CMC is a debt collection agency that takes IT security seriously

Customers on CMC

Our best ambassadors are the customers who experience our tireless dedication every day. Would you like to see what they have to tell about us regarding our debt collection services?

"We experienced the training as an eye-opener on how to handle our debt collection matters. We continue to work with CMC as we experience them to be very professional and with lots of knowledge in the area of invoicing and collections.”
Raoul Behr
COO HBM Group Malta, Curaçao