Debt collection

The approach that works

Is one of your debtors late in making a payment? Then simply transfer the file to us. We will handle your collection files or receivables most diligently, explicitly applying our “focus on results, care for customer relationships” motto. In situations where your judgment may be clouded by emotion, we have the distance to view issues objectively. Of course, our aim is to collect the maximum number of overdue payments as quickly as possible. But aggression is not the only tool in our box. We also have an eye for the debtor’s story. Experience shows that the more debtors feel heard, the greater the chance of getting results.

"In situations where your judgment may be clouded by emotion, we have the distance to view issues objectively."

Judicial debt collection or amicable debt collection?

When collecting a debt there are two options. One is judicial debt collection. But before embarking on such a legal process, we will try the amicable road and ask some essential questions first. What are the options for redress? Is there any prospect of improvement in the near future? Is the amount to be collected even worth the total debt collection costs? If the answers to these questions convince us that debt collection is a feasible option, we will offer a payment arrangement to the debtor. This could imply, for instance, the debtor paying part of the original invoice amount in full and final settlement. Should a sum still be due after a certain period of time, we will provide our customer with a cost / benefit analysis for starting legal proceedings.

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Customers on CMC

Our best ambassadors are the customers who experience our tireless dedication every day. Would you like to see what they have to tell about us?

"We experienced the training as an eye-opener on how to handle our collections matters. We continue to work with CMC as we experience them to be very professional and with lots of knowledge in the area of invoicing and collections.”
Raoul Behr
COO HBM Group Malta, Curaçao