Telecom and ICT

Targeted Credit Control

Credit managers in the national and international telecom and IT industries have relied on CMC expertise for years. In these sectors companies send out huge numbers of invoices every month, at relatively low amounts (consider, for example, recurring subscription or maintenance costs). This requires segmentation in Credit Control, if only because self-employed individuals require a hugely different approach than multinationals, regardless of whether they are new-comers or loyal customers. We meet this need for segmentation with targeted credit control, in which we categorize debtors by, e.g., the frequency of contacts, the payment reminder process, or the intensity of follow-up actions.

Segmentation and Debt Collection

We have an infinite number of factors to base our Credit Control approach on, such as region, risk (high risk / low risk), turnover, customer portfolio or a combination of factors. We offer assistance throughout the debtor process, from the very moment the invoice is sent. To this end we establish a workflow to give every debtor the attention they deserve within the credit control phase. Naturally, in doing so we aim for the lowest possible DSO (Days Sales Outstanding; the average time that elapses between invoicing and payment). In case of non-payment, our debt collection service can seamlessly take over from out credit control service.

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Customers on CMC

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"We experienced the training as an eye-opener on how to handle our collections matters. We continue to work with CMC as we experience them to be very professional and with lots of knowledge in the area of invoicing and collections.”
Raoul Behr
COO HBM Group Malta, Curaçao