Balance between automated Credit Control and the human touch

Automation or good old phone calls?

‘I would like to automate our Credit Control process to avoid wasting time on debtor management. Is that possible?’ This is a question we hear regularly. In our view, automation is a great thing, but it should never be a goal in itself. The primary aim of Credit Control should be to prevent the risk of even having to deal with non-paying customers. This requires finding out at an early stage whether your organization can expect payment in the first place.

Calling means collecting

‘Calling means collecting,’ as an old collectors’ saying goes. It’s still that way today, also when it comes to predicting disputes or other reasons for not getting invoices paid on time. The human factor still plays an important part in Credit Control.

"The human factor still plays an important part in Credit Control & Debt Collection"
Jeroen van den Heuvel - International Debt Collector

Years of experience

What is going on in the market? Which type of approach is best responded to by debtors? Which best practices deliver the intended result? At CMC we are well versed in matters such as these. We also realize that the best solution to your issue requires an approach tailored to your organization – instead of the other way around. If you choose CMC, you will no longer need to plot your itinerary on your own. We’ll be happy to help you on your way, by navigating you to the right solution to your problem.

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