What does your Debt Collection service cost?

As long as we collect the fees from the debtor, nothing. In case this is not possible we charge a commission over the paid amount, which is based on the age of the debt.

How do you contact my client?

In every possible way, i.e. phone, email, post, fax, social media, visit, etc.

What are the steps you take to get the debt paid?

We do everything to collect your debt and determine per case what approach we should take. Depending on the debtors (non) reaction it is possible that we change our approach during the collection proces to achieve success for our client.

What is your success rate?

In general - calculated over the recent years - we are able to collect 97% of the debts we chase out of court. This is mainly possible by our tailor made approach done by our Debt Collection experts.

Problems with overdue receivables? Contact us now free of charge.

In which language do you communicate with my client?

We have native speakers in house with whom we cover all European languages. On request we are also able to provide more foreign language i.e. Mandarin.

Do you operate on a global scale?

Yes, we operate on a global scale and have clients and chase debtors in all parts of the world, no exceptions.

What makes you better than your competitors?

According to our clients we are better than our competition because of the impressive results, our native speakers, the good & timely communication and our human-to-human approach. In our opinion that is also why other Debt Collection Agencies, Law offices and Credit Insurers are our clients. We offer them something they do not have in house.