The importance of customer segmentation

Many organizations measure all their customers by the same standards when it comes to sending payment reminders. Even if there is segmentation in the customer base, it is often limited to the distinction between key accounts and “other”. Credit Management is often regarded as simply an extension of general administration – something hardly worth worrying about. We are committed to making our customers be much more aware of the need for customer segmentation.

Effective customization requires segmentation

Solid credit management requires customization at customer level. For an organization to be able to deliver this degree of customization, clear customer segmentation is a must. What type of customers does the organization have? Which are key accounts? How to estimate their customer value? What is the relationship between large and small customers?

"Segmentation in the customer base is often limited to the distinction between key accounts and “other”."
Yagmur Cetin - Credit Controller

Are there many new debtors, with the inherent increased payment risks? Are there any foreign customers and how to deal with them? CMC helps to answer all these questions. In close consultation with you as a customer we will devise the most effective way to divide your customer base into categories. As to follow-up actions, we have the right people, including in-house native speakers for appropriate communications with foreign customers.

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