Financial and Legal Services

We guarantee discretion

CMC operates on an international scale for providers of financial and legal services. In these domains, files containing highly sensitive data are the order of the day. We guarantee the appropriate degree of discretion, also when handling Debt Collection files. This is one of the reasons why AVG legislation is taken very seriously within our organization.

Customer-friendly Debt Collection

In legal and financial services, companies are often inclined to treat their customers with kid gloves in case of unpaid invoices – the underlying thought being that using a Debt Collection agency will harm the customer-debtor relationship. Rest assured that this is not going to happen when working with CMC. We know our business, and we understand our task, which is to collect debts as quickly as possible while doing what we can to maintain customer relationships. This principle is firmly integrated into our Debt Collection approach. Consequently, we even have debtors we collect from asking us to help them collect their own unpaid invoices. In other words, our customer-friendly approach of Debt Collection often makes our clients’ customers decide to become our customers too.

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Customers on CMC

Our best ambassadors are the customers who experience our tireless dedication every day. Would you like to see what they have to tell about us? Check out their stories.

"We experienced the training as an eye-opener on how to handle our collections matters. We continue to work with CMC as we experience them to be very professional and with lots of knowledge in the area of invoicing and collections.”
Raoul Behr
COO HBM Group Malta, Curaçao